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About Our Standards

we prioritize safety and inclusivity for LGBTQ travelers. Our standards ensure every aspect of your journey is welcoming and secure. From vetted partners to LGBTQ-friendly destinations, we guarantee a travel experience free from discrimination. Explore the world with confidence with Destigaytions.

Our Core Values

In order to establish a welcome workplace for all team members and volunteers, we uphold the following values: respect, inclusion, diversity, acceptance, equity, belonging, understanding, and creativity.

Hiring at Destigaytions

Come work with our passionate, varied team of people who are committed to making the world a safer place for 2SLGBTQ+ travellers. We value different viewpoints and experiences and welcome applications from all over the world.

Dedication to Integrity and Transparency

At Destigaytions, we place a high value on morality and candour, making sure that decisions are in line with our goals. For a more inclusive society, we uphold open standards and certification processes, offer assistance along the way, and quickly handle any issues.

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