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Destigaytions collaborates with a range of groups to promote inclusive policies and safe spaces that will lead to good change for the 2SLGBTQ+ community worldwide.

Since our establishment, Destigaytions is committed to partnering with many organizations from the Private and Public Sectors. Our association has categorizations for NGO organizations, public bodies, policymakers, private business, multinational corporations, local not-for-profits and a hopt of others. 

These joint efforts fill a large number of needs, ranging from policy, to publicity, to sharing experiences and education, reinforcing our guidelines and supporting strategies for change, driving public perception, and encouraging positive public relations.

Through these organizations, Destigaytions will make a significant and enduring impact while driving positive change for the 2SLGBTq+ traveler and local communities. Join us as we create new initiatives and projects to encourage more safe spaces around the world. 

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