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Through the power of business, Destigaytions promotes inclusion in the travel industry.

At Destigaytions, we're focused on tackling the force of business to make positive social and systemic change. Since our beginning, we've put stock in reality as we know it where travel and business drives the way towards a more comprehensive, fair, and regenerative future through curated experiences and education

The Issue: 2SLGBTQ+ travelers, expats and others, make up only 4.3% of the global leisure traveler and make up to over 35% of the dollars spent. This socio economic disparity presents a major issue: tourism welcomes their money but not the people! 

The Arrangement: Through cooperation with different partners, including policymakers, and organizations, we're spearheading answers to address this. We see tourism as an opportunity to dispel ignorance, and pioneer a new future where all are welcome and places and spaces become welcoming environments for all. .

Our Vision: We imagine a reality where business is a catalyst for good, prompting for overall acceptance and policy change. Together, we're pursuing this groundbreaking vision, creating a world where 2SLGBTQ+ people can travel free of suspicion, speculation and persecution. 

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