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Our philanthropic partners promote the 2SLGBTQ+ community's advocacy and well-being by advancing sustainable change.

At Destigaytions, long-term, sustainable impact is mostly driven by the support of our philanthropic partners, which include foundations, governments, private citizens, and businesses. Their cooperation and generosity are crucial to our goal of changing the tourism landscape for the benefit of all people, communities, and the environment, as well as to utilizing business as a force for good. We cordially invite you to take a Destigaytion with us!

The Philanthropic spirit embedded in Destigaytions' DNA allows us to innovate new initiatives and business practices that provide more opportunities for us to help create spaces of well-being, advocacy and collective action. This includes but is not limited to - shows, events, hotels/hostels, safehouses and more. 

Together, we have a once in a lifetime chance to drive significant change in the business world and make an economy that benefits everybody. Your help empowers us to put resources into crucial drives today that will speed up sure change for people in the future. Go along with us in molding a more splendid, more comprehensive future for all.

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