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Through business, partnerships, education, and policy implementation, we collectively redefine acceptability and representation.

Destigaytions is focused on creating networks for change within the local, regional and national communities we certify. Collectives of Networks are joining to change the way the world accepts and receives 2SLGBTQ+ Tourists. 


These drivers include:

  • Advancement of Commerce and Business: We join forces with our network to support local enterprise, especially those that Identify as part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and its allies.

  • Programs and Public Relations: Building local and national programming through partnerships with community groups, museums, galleries, Tourism boards, producers, event organizers and media outlets in our communities. 

  • Entertainment and Equity: edutainment at its best. Creating an equal platform for representation while creating entertaining programs - live shows, festivals and events. 

  • Policy and Procedure: working with our members to create policies in their organizations that support their internal team and their external clients.

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