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In order to establish a welcome workplace for all team members and volunteers, we uphold the following values: respect, inclusion, diversity, acceptance, equity, belonging, understanding, and creativity.

Respect: for each other and our spaces

Inclusion: create spaces where we can all be welcomed

Diversity: of thought, experience and being

Acceptance: for who we are and for who you are

Equity: for all. period

Belonging: to make everyone feel like there is a place for them. 

Understanding: that through our differences, we can recognize our similarities

Creativity: in our ideas to make positive change

At Destigaytions, our work environment is one where we strive to make all team members and volunteers feel valued and respected, regardless of orientation, race, identity, age, sexual direction or personality, instruction, or inability. We pride ourselves on encouraging people from all walks of life, perspectives and voices to be heard in our association.

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